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Willow Wind Organic Farms originated in the spring of 1981 on a modest 10 acres in Stevens County Washington, apx 30 miles north of its present location. The name was chosen because they loved the GIANT Weeping Willow in the backyard of their first small farm. From the very start, this small bit of earth was a family affair.

Word of that up and coming organic potato farmer quickly spread, in just a few short years this demanded that a larger farm be sought out. In early 1984, the Walser’s found several hundred acres of the most beautiful and well hidden farmland in Washington State. Over the next several years, the Walsers set about pouring themselves into their family farm and it quickly became their life’s work.

As the organic market, which they had helped nurture from inception, began to evolve Willow Wind Organic Farms needed to evolve as well. In 2011, Mr. Walser had the keen foresight to recognize organically grown blueberries as the next step in that evolution. Starting with 5 acres of the new farm, they began to learn about and nurture this wily, and often confounding, berry bush. Over the years, lessons were learned, skills were honed and mistakes were made. Before long, those once modest berry fields began to produce the wonderful and delicious bounty we had all hoped for.

In 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Walser’s youngest son returned home from a period of military service with his wife and young daughter. They had decided to take on the mantle of Willow Wind Organic Farms’ next generation, and to carry on the tradition of the family farm. Around that same time, their youngest daughter also returned home in order to help Mrs. Walser in the creation of a specialty berry wine producer; using the delicious berries organically grown right here on the farm as their primary source of stock.

Today, Willow Wind Farms has approximately 35 acres of blueberry fields, several hundred acres of alfalfa, as well a small contingent of raspberries, blackberries, peaches, apricots, cherries and apples, all organically grown. Every year a small section of our beautiful blueberries are designated as a “U-Pick” area, so that members of the local community might share in the bountiful harvest that we have been blessed with.

Visitors and curious passers by are always welcome. The wine bottle opener is always at the ready. The berries are always delicious. Every day is a blessing. Welcome to Willow Wind Organic Farms.



Our blueberries are delicious and organic. We have over 7 different varieties of blueberries on our farm totaling over 35 acres. We also offer u-pick berries when in season.


We have hundreds of acres of organically grown alfalfa.



Over an acre of peaches, raspberries and apricots. A picturesque old apple orchard and walnut tree sits just up the hill.

and more!

We also have a beautiful lavender field, a small cherry orchard, a beautiful green house and more.


Willow Wind Farms

38278 Angels Landing North
Ford, WA 99013
United States (US)
Phone: 509-796-3601
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