Our Winery

Two Winey Bitches Wine

Our winery facility is on our farm near The Long Lake Dam about 13 miles north of Reardan WA. We have 635 acres of beautiful land just above the river where all of our fruits are grown.

The Wines: Our wines are simply made using age-old techniques, very limited ingredients & organic fruit. We have found limited filtering, slow fermentation & artesian spring water bring out the best characteristics of our fruits & berries. These wines age amazingly well and bring no hangovers.

Our family has been farming  Willow Wind Farms for over 45 years now. A while ago we decided to try our hand at fruits & berries. We now have over 35 acres of blueberries with an acre of peaches, raspberries, blackberries and apricots. A picturesque old apple orchard & walnut tree sit just up the hill from a lovely herb && flower garden. In July, when the berries are ripe, soft warm breezes send a bouquet of lavender fragrance over the farm as well as any special occasion being celebrated nearby. It’s all organic, sweet & perfect!

The Name: One lovely afternoon my old “partner in wine” & I sat down with our darlin’ dogs, Lucy and Rosie, & proceeded to have a “happy hour” after the morning of wine-ing. My husband came up, looked at us, started laughing & said, “Well, well, well if it isn’t the “two winey bitches”! ” There you have it…the die was cast…politically incorrect as it is! We just can’t help it. We are & always will be unconventional.

Give us a call! Come by & enjoy some more happy hours with us!

The Winery Hours

All tasting, tours, and sales at TWB Winery at Willow Wind Farms are by appointment. We are here Monday – Friday 10 am to 3 pm.

Call to schedule a visit. (509) 796-3601

The Winery Location

Willow Wind Farms

38278 Angels Landing North
Ford, WA 99013
United States (US)
Phone: 509-796-3601
Email: [email protected]