Blackberry Bliss – Lightly Sweet (2017)

Blackberry Bliss – Lightly Sweet (2017)

Vintage: 2017

Sweetness: Lightly Sweet

Alcohol: 14%

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This wonderful berry wine deserves to be recognized for the amazing depth of aroma & flavor it delivers. Upon opening the fragrances of dark berry, rain, forest, earth, moss, wildflowers & fern come to mind. A mellow light sweetness lingers as an undertone of delicious blackberry, tobacco coffee & caramel playfully mingle on the palate. The warmth of this wine is brought by a sufficient alcohol content with a dry but refreshing finish! Clean. Fresh. Warm. Smooth. Blackberry Bliss. Pairs with salmon, fruit tarts & vanilla ice cream.
Serve at room temp
Do not aerate…f


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