Pitty Party Cherry – Mellow

Pitty Party Cherry – Mellow


Sweetness: Mellow

Alcohol: 14%

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100% homegrown bing cherries & artesian spring water carry aromas of dark ripe cherry, earth, honeyed blossoms, almonds & vanilla. This wine is a cherry powerhouse & the BOOM-Ba-Da-BING alcohol level makes her a real party in a bottle! She has a mellow, rounded mouthfeel & expresses the fruit’s true nature especially when allowed to open then relax for 15-20 minutes before the first pour. She is worth the wait! Replace the cork, & let her “bloom” until you are ready to dance with her again! Pairs well with everything! Steak, chicken, pork or chocolate

Do Not Decant or Aerate This Wine!

Serve at room temp


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