Ecstatic Elderberry – Dry

Ecstatic Elderberry – Dry


Sweetness: Dry

Alcohol: 13%

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Very limited*small batch* extraordinary!* We may never have enough of this amazing wine! She takes 4 years from field to rack. When she’s ready we must have a party! An old world completely different technique is required to create this amazing elderberry wine! Her complexities are unequalled. Aromas of wild elder flowers, dark earth & deep forest accompany her dark purple blue color which greets you at opening. Tart concentrated elderberry flavor develops throughout with notes of coffee, roasted nut & dark berries filling your taste buds to the brim! She’s a complex & extravagant adventure. Pairs well with roasted meats & dark, fruity chocolates.

Do Not aerate

Serve at room temp


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